Mix Your Own

We may have 100’s of flavours of e-liquids to choose from, but sometimes it just feels better to mix your own, doesn’t it? E-liquids are a combination of three ingredients: Nicotine, Flavour Concentrate and Diluent. The correctly balanced ratio of each of these ingredients anyone can mix their own e-liquids to their favourite flavour and strength.

So, if you’re considering mixing your own, why not take a look at the mixing ingredients we have available, which have all been produced right here in the UK and are all of the highest quality pharmaceutical grade. Not only that, but we also have one of the largest ranges of nicotine, diluents and concentrates to choose from, meaning that you can really be creative and mix your own, unique e-liquid. With all of these combinations to choose from, the possibilities really are endless!

Take a look at one of our DIY e-liquid kits and give mixing your own a go.